8 Most Essential Ingredients for Mexican Recipes

Bundaratna.com - 8 Most Essential Ingredients for Mexican Recipes - If you are someone who is interested in cooking something Mexican or want to prepare a whole buffet or Mexican dishes, then you must be aware of some of the most essential ingredients that are needed to cook Mexican food. Mexican foods are spicy, tangy and full of salt and spices. The dishes taste best when ingredients are used smartly and in correct proportions. The following is a list of the most essential ingredients for Mexican recipes:

8 Most Essential Ingredients for Mexican Recipes
8 Most Essential Ingredients for Mexican Recipes

1. Avocados
Avocados are one of the most important Mexican staple and are used in a number of Mexican dishes like salads, sandwiches and main course recipes as well.

2. Canned Beans
Another important and must have ingredient for making Mexican dishes is canned beans. Canned beans are used in almost all dishes. Both black beans and pinto beans are preferred by all Mexican chefs and used in Mexican household as well. They can be soaked in the spice mixture and can be mashed later.

3. Cheese
A variety of cheeses are used in a variety of Mexican recipes and some of them include white cheese, mozzarella, and queso fresco. These cheese varieties are used in foods like enchiladas and others etc.

4. Oregano
Oregano is a kind of a spice which is sprinkled over Mexican dishes for flavour and is made from an herb. Oregano is also used in Italian food and is easily found in specialty stores and grocery stores etc.

5. Tomatoes
Very Mexican dishes are possible to be cooked without using tomatoes or cherry tomatoes in them. Most foods incorporate sauces which are mostly made from tomatoes and if you are interested in making a Mexican meal, make sure you have enough number of these vegetables stocked up.

6. Corn, Flour and Tortillas
If you are interested in making Mexican tortillas, breads and other such things then you will need both corn and flour for it. These can be bought from supermarkets but make sure they are fresh.

7. Limes
Mexicans love adding the tangy taste of lime in their recipes and you must have a few if you are going to be cooking Mexican food anytime soon. These are added to finish the dish and sprinkled at the end. Lime juice is used in tacos, salsa and just about every sauce.

8. Crema 
Crema is the Mexican version of sour cream and is used in a wide variety of sauces. It adds a tangy flavour to the dishes and adds consistency as well.